Company Name:
Sulzer Pumps US Inc.
Sulzer EMS, a division of Sulzer Ltd, specializes in a wide range of mechanical, machining, welding, electrical rotating repairs, hydraulic cylinder reparis and re-manufacturing, grinding and on-site construction services for clients in the mining, power generation, petrochemical, steel and heavy manufacturing business sectors.
Position: Machinist
Department: Machine Shop
Location: SEMS-Farmington
Reports to: Operations Leader or Leadsman
Purpose of Job: Operate one or more major items of equipment necessary to perform machine work and other tasks, in support of jobs contracted by SEMS; represent SEMS positively on all worksites.
Reports To: Operation Leader or Lead man
Work Schedule: According to needs of SEMS; regularly work 10+ hours/day, 5 days/week; with on call week ends, shift work; overtime required; some travel with overnight stay may be required
_Qualification Requirements_
Age/Experience: Must be 18 or older
Abilities: Proven ability to operate one or more pieces of SEMS equipment as designated at the time of hire or appointment; ability to pass annual qualification tests on each; ability to successfully complete training on additional equipment as time and opportunity permit
Drug Testing: Hiring also contingent on successful passage of initial drug and alcohol test and agreement to submit to, and pass, drug and alcohol tests for reasonable suspicion as an ongoing condition of employment
Preferred Experience as a Journeyman Machinist with a valid driver's license;
Qualifications: experience with equipment used by SEMS; other experience related to the processes performed on SEMS jobs; and the ability to read, write and converse fluently in English
Attitude: Must have the initiative and enterprise to quickly master the processes and procedures of the job and to complete tasks with or without supervision
1. Promote safety of self and others by:
Learning and practicing the safe work habits which apply to all duties and work situations.
Notifying co-workers and the operation leader of any unsafe conditions, and taking action to eliminate the hazard when possible to prevent harm.
Reporting any injuries, damage to equipment, and near misses, and other incidents which may have a bearing on the safety of the project and its employees and visitors.
2. Be punctual and maintain regular and consistent attendance, keeping in mind that late arrival or failure to arrive for work may create hardship for other employees and jeopardize the ability of SEMS to meet its responsibilities.
3. Schedule personal appointments at other than scheduled work times.
4. You are required to notify your immediate supervisor in advance if you will not be available for work. If you are not going to be at work for any reason, including, but not limited to, illness or an emergency, you must notify your immediate supervisor as early as possible, but no less than 30 minutes before the beginning of your scheduled work shift. You must notify SEMS each day that you are going to be absent.
5. If you are absent three (3) consecutive days without notifying and speaking with your supervisor, you will be considered to have abandoned the job and voluntarily resigned as of the third absent day.
6. In order to promote harmonious work relationships and maintain a professional atmosphere, EMS prohibits harassment of fellow workers. All forms of harassment that create an offensive working environment are forbidden, including, but not limited to, insulting, intimidating or discourteous conduct, as well as derogatory jokes or comments relating to age, disability, national origin, religion, race or sex.
7. All non-smoking areas are marked. The purpose of a tobacco smoking policy is to protect the health and comfort of its employees and customers.
8. SEMS is a service business, and we must be available to our customers at all times. Since the telephone is our primary method of customer communication, it is necessary to limit the use of SEMS's telephone to business only. With the exception of emergencies, personal telephone calls to and from employees during working hour are limited to break periods and lunch period only. Please do not allow this privilege to be misused.
9. Have an at-will employment relationship with SEMS as defined by the laws of the state having jurisdiction.
10. You will be responsible for returning all SEMS equipment upon leaving employment.
_Essential Functions_
(These functions are very important to achievement of the job purpose.)
A machinist's assignment changes frequently according to the needs of EMS and its work contracts. The below-listed functions are the essential functions machinists must perform to serve as a member of any work crew at any time as directed by the supervisor(s) in charge to manufacture and rebuild parts for mining equipment and other related industry equipment..
1. Operate lathes, horizontal and vertical mills, boring mill, portable line boring equipment and drill press on which appropriate training, inspection and licensing have been performed, as assigned by an operation leader or supervisor and within the equipment's intended purposes, to carry out company responsibilities.
2. Manipulate or depress controls such as pedals, levers and buttons to regulate speed and direction of equipment according to written, verbal or signal instructions.
3. Assure that proper equipment and procedures are used when loads are to be lifted, lowered, transported or moved in any way.
4. Depending on training and designation, perform some or all of the following tasks (including, but not limited to):
a. Operate any of the above listed equipment/machines in order to complete the manufacturing or rebuild of parts for a customer
5. Maintain the safety of the equipment and work environment by:
a. Inspecting the equipment prior to use,
b. Seeing that proper maintenance and repair are performed, and
c. Following proper procedure, including proper lookout and communication, during all operation or transport of parts and equipment.
6. Maintain all necessary licenses and certifications, including those required by OSHA and DOT.
7. Working with the other machinists, assure that the equipment is in good condition and available at all times.
8. Continue training on other SEMS equipment as deemed necessary by SEMS management.
9. Under the direction of the operation leader or other supervisor, assist with on-the-job training of other employees as appropriate.
10. Use 2-way radio, cell phone or other devices to communicate with supervisors and client representatives at the worksite.
11. As a volunteer or by assignment, remain on the job or accept call-outs to deal with clients' emergency needs and with jobs that take longer or require more personnel than anticipated.
12. Perform some laborer duties to complete contracted work in a timely manner when laborers are unavailable
A machinist who demonstrates the appropriate capabilities may be given an opportunity to train as lead man or operation leader.
Equipment the SEMS machinist may be responsible for operating will include, but not be limited to:
Fork Lift
Horizontal Mill
Vertical Mill
Boring Mill
Portable Line Boring Equipment
Drill Press
_Safety Equipment Required_
Safety footwear and eye protection are required at all times while on the work site. The type of eye protection, and respirator (if needed), will depend on the work situation and will be specified by the foreman or job superintendent. Personal protective equipment needed at some or all times will include, but not be limited to the following:
1. Hard Hat 2. Ear Plugs 3. Eye Protection 4. Respirator
5. Steel-Toed Safety Footwear 6. Gloves to Protect from Burns and Abrasions
7. Items of employee preference to replace 1-6
Must be clean-shaven when using any respirator to avoid interference with proper fit.
Purchase is the responsibility of the employee.
All items must meet the same safety and performance standards required of items supplied by EMS.
_Mental and/or Cognitive Demands_
Very Somewhat Not
Memory/Ability Important Important Important Important
Memory for Verbal Directions X
Memory for Written Directions X
Ability to Follow Instructions X
Ability to Plan Activities X
Ability to Give Directions X
Ability to Remain Calm Under Stress X
Comments: Machinist who demonstrate skill in giving direction and organizing work will be more likely to be given more responsible duties and be candidates for a lead man or operation leader position than other machinists.
I have read and understand the provisions of Applicant Initials: _______
this job description and agree to abide by them. Date: _______

Don't Be Fooled

The fraudster will send a check to the victim who has accepted a job. The check can be for multiple reasons such as signing bonus, supplies, etc. The victim will be instructed to deposit the check and use the money for any of these reasons and then instructed to send the remaining funds to the fraudster. The check will bounce and the victim is left responsible.